Print Periodicals

Sr.No Title Frequency
1 ANNALS Quarterly
2 BIOMEDICA Quarterly
3 BUNYAD Quarterly
4 Business & Economic Review biannual
5 City University Research Journal (CURJ) Biannual
6 International Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (IJAAS) biannual
7 International Journal of medicine and Applied Health Biannual
8 IoBM Compendium of Management Scholarship Volume II, 2016. Biannual
9 IPRI Journal Biannual
10 Isra Medical Journal (IMJ) Quarterly
11 Jihat-al-Islam Biannual
12 Jinnah Business Review Quarterly
13 Journal of Agricultural Research Quarterly
14 Journal of Applied & Emerging Science biannual
15 Journal of Contemporary Management Sciences Bi-annually
16 Journal of Current Affairs Biannual
17 Journal of Institute of Bankers Pakistan Quarterly
18 Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics Annual
19 Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Biannual
20 Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Biannual
21 Journal of the Chemical society of Pakistan Bimonthly
22 Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association (centre) Monthly
23 Lahore Journal of Business Biannual
24 Lahore Journal of Economics Biannual
25 Management Accountant Biannual
26 Medical Channels Biannual
27 Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology Monthly
28 NDU Journal Annual
29 Pakistan Agricultural Scientist Society (PASS) Biannual
30 Pakistan Journal of distance and online learning Biannual
31 Pakistan Journal of Education Biannual
32 Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PJPS) Bi-monthly
33 Pakistan Journal of Public Health Quarterly
34 Pakistan Journal of Public Health Quarterly
35 Pakistan Journal of Science and Technology Biannual
36 Paradigms Annual
37 Punjab University Journal of Mathematics Biannual
38 RADS Journal of Biological Research & Applied Sciences Biannual
39 The Dialogue Quarterly
40 The Nucleus Annualy
41 The Ravi Annual
Sr.No Title (Subscribed) Frequency
42 Archi Times Weekly
43  Manager Today Bi-Montly
44 Architectural Design Bimonthly
45 Architecturl Record Monthly
46 Artificial & Intelligence (A+I) Quarterly
47 Aurora Biannual
48 Communication Arts Biannual
49 Creative Review Monthly
50 Domus Magazine Monthly
51 Eye Magazine Quarterly
52 Harvard Business Review Monthly
53 Herald Montly
54 How Magazine Bimonthly
55 Journal of Management Monthly
56 Journal of Marketing Bi-Monthly
57 MIT Sloan Management Review Quarterly
58 MIT Technology Review Biannual
59 National Geographic (USA) Montly
60 New Scientist Weekly
61 Pakistan and Gulf Economist Montly
62 Perspecta Annual
63 Readers Digest Montly
64 Scientific America Montly
65 South Asian Journal of Management Quarterly
66 The Architectural Review Monthly
67 The Plan Monthly
68 Time  International Weekly

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