Borrowing Privileges Rules

Member’s Category & Borrowing Privileges
Membership Categories” means Category A, B, C, D, E, F and G

  • Category A:   means a current regular enrolled UOG student(s) in Inter or two (02) to five (05) years duration degree program(s).
  • Category B:   means a current regular enrolled UOG student(s) in MS/MPhil or PhD degree program.
  • Category C:   means Regular Administrative Staff serving at UOG.
  • Category D:   means Contractual, Visiting, Interim, Foreign Faculty and Regular Research Officer serving in the Academic Department(s) of UOG
  • Category E:   means Regular and TTS Faculty members serving at UOG
  • Category F:   means UOG current students of short courses (less than one year) and UOG Alumni
  • Category G:   means Civil Society of District Gujrat
A 02 Books 14 days
B 04 Books 28 days
C 02 Books 28 days
D 08 Books 70 days
E 08 Books 140 days
F 01 Book 14 days
G No martial is Allowed to borrow

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